School Holidays 2017/2018


On this page you’ll find the full list of school closures for the forthcoming academic year 2017/2018.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the list of closures is accurate so you may plan your holidays with confidence!

From time to time, the Department of Education and Skills arranges mandatory training days in areas such as the new Language Programme for Primary Schools.

Where these are proposed, we will inform parents as soon as possible.

In times of extreme weather conditions, we will endeavour to inform parents of any closures as soon as we can.

Thank you!

                    **Important Notice – Please Refer To This Through The Year**




Thursday 31/08/17 School Year begins
Monday-Friday 30/10/17-03/11/17 Inclusive Midterm Break. School

reopens Monday 6th Nov.

½ day Friday 22nd 12 noon 25/12/17-05/1/18


Christmas Break. School

reopens Monday 8th Jan.

Thursday & Friday




Midterm Break. School

reopens Monday 19th Feb.

Monday   19/03/18 St. Patrick’s day
Saturday 11 a.m. 24/02/18 Confirmation
½ day Friday 23rd  12 noon 26/03/18-6/04/18 inclusive Easter Holidays. School reopens Monday 9th April.
Friday & Monday


04/05/18 & 07/05/18 May Bank Holiday + 1 extra day
Saturday 10 a.m. 12/05/2018 Communion
Friday & Monday & Tuesday 01, 04 & 05/06/18 June Bank Holiday + 2 extra days
½ day Friday-12 noon 29/06/18 Commencement of summer holidays for children. 


If any changes to the above become necessary during the year we will inform you as soon as possible.


Our yearly standardised testing takes place during the middle two weeks in May.  It is important that your child/children be present for these tests.  If booking holidays please take this into consideration.