Roll of Honour

This is the Roll of Honour


Friday, February 2nd and 9th, 2018

Children who appear here have come to the attention of their teachers in a positive way. This may be for excellent behaviour, a great piece of academic work, a sporting achievement or a lovely piece of art or music.

There are so many ways to shine!

We’re happy that every child in the school has appeared here at least once, by the end of the school year.

They are not in any particular order: there is no first and no last.

To this week’s Roll of Honour members, the very first of the new year, and to ALL our pupils, we say:

Congratulations boys and girls!!!! 


Stewart Fox

Oliver Keogh

Ava Carney

Shay Hennessy

Adam Quinn

Alex Kelly

Bella Holton

Katie Flynn

Rachel Armstrong

Rhys Tarrant

Ryan Devon

Joseph Balele

Fionn Dowling

Rian O’Reilly

Kevin Molloy

Gabriela McBrearty

Regan Woods

Peter Donnelly

Sophia Hanley

Sophia Lyons

Daniel Holmes

Mattias David

Aaron Norton

Josh Finnegan

Orla McBrearty

Ciara McGuinness

Liam Tuohy

Kayla Ryan

Deivinas Dovidaitis

Sophie Mahon

Jamie Geary Gibbons

Lucas Doyle

Ruby Lancaster

Ellen Spratt

Taisia Dimitrijeva

Alex Pintican

Mark Murray

Emmaly David

Amber Byrne

Matthew Cawte

Chloe Power

Chloe O’Neill

Dara O’Sullivan

Grace Heneghan

Kerry Gallagher

Killian Wilde

Jodi Purcell

Mia Bruun

Conor O’Shea

Kyla Guiney Hopkins

Devin Maher

Faye Corcoran

Lara O’Reilly

Lukas Felten

Charlotte Cooper

Estera Vaicekauskaite

Shaniece Quinn

Amaya Hanniffy

Jade Graham

T J Butler

Aimee Greene

Seamus Brett

Alex Dunne

Ben Ellis Smyth

Joanne Kurgan

Alex Power

Ryan Lynch

Cezar Maedar

Abbie Lawlor

Liam Brooks

Cian Dowling

Leah Thompson

Joshua Keneghan

Barry Deering

Caoimhe Hennessey





 Well done to you all! 

 These winners will be displayed for the next week, so everyone will know who they are.

Well done girls and boys!

If you happen to be in the School Hall during the week, you can check out the Roll Of Honour book in the cabinet outside Mr O’Connor’s room.



Well done everyone!!!