Roll of Honour

This is the Roll of Honour


Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Children who appear here have come to the attention of their teachers in a positive way. This may be for excellent behaviour, a great piece of academic work, a sporting achievement or a lovely piece of art or music.

There are so many ways to shine!


We’re happy that every child in the school has appeared here at least once, by the end of the school year.

They are not in any particular order: there is no first and no last.

To this week’s Roll of Honour members, and to ALL our pupils, we say:

Congratulations boys and girls!!!!








 Well done to you all! 

 These winners will be displayed for the next week, so everyone will know who they are.

Well done girls and boys!

If you happen to be in the School Hall during the week, you can check out the Roll Of Honour book in the cabinet outside Mr O’Connor’s room.



Izabella Gierzewska

Robyn Farrelly

Eabha Maguire

Emilia Monaghan

Alannah Dillon

Chloe Kelly

David Palkech

Barry Deering

Ava Carney

Saoirse Colley

Poppy Rose Walsh

Charlie McCormack

Zach O’Reilly

Mark Marikhin

Senior Infants

Jaro Biczel

Sean Scally

Alfie Lancaster

Emma O’Connor

Ryan Devon

Conall Daly

Gabriela McBrearty

Joseph Balele

Ryan Hennessy

Roisin Brett

Lily O’Neill

Joshua Butler

First Class

Michael Minch

Daniel Holmes

Georgia Holmes

Holly Duff

Sophia Lyons

Zoe Wynne

Zara Dunphy

Mia Warnock

Second Class

Liam Brooks

Liam Tuohy

Deivinas Dovidaites

Ruben Puthuppillil

Kate Dunne

Holly Jones

Emilija Smirnova

Lucas Doyle

Callum Sheridan

Dylan Pentony

Third Class

Viktoria Kunyi

Fourth Class

Katieanne Bobbett

Fifth Class

Niall Daly

Sarah Jane Behan

Cian Dowling

Dylan Hennessy

Faye Corcoran

Aoife Cox

Sadhbh McGovern

Ben O’Sullivan

Danann Donnelly

Seren Barry

Shaniece Quinn

Daria Dimitrijeva

Zac Brennan McMahon

Kate Lawless

Cian Sunderland

Sixth Class


Olivia Hanley

Lucy Colbert

Mia Larkin

Emma Butler

Ailbhe Comerford

Aaron Maher

David Rimsa

Aimee Greene

Liam Duff

Cian Daly

Fionn O’Rourke

Killian Wilde

Luke Herron

Garreth Moloney


Well done everyone!!!