St. Mary’s. An Appreciation

Thanks for everything!

This is our eighth year here in St Mary’s.

It’s going to be hard to move on and we think there are going to be some tears at our last ever assembly.

Firstly we would like to thank our two caretakers Mr. Hickey and Mr. Swinburne for making our school grounds so beautiful and the cleaners for doing so as well.

Next we would like to thank Mr. Ó Brádaigh and Ms. Ní Mhurchadha and the entire Green Home Team for our 5th green flag, and of course all the students who made it all possible.

We couldn’t ask for a better set of teachers here at St Mary’s. No wonder so many people in secondary school come back to visit. The teachers here have taught us all we need to know and have made every second enjoyable ( ok maybe not the homework part ).

Many past pupils come back to St Mary’s in Transition Year or even to teach which isn’t surprising. They make every occasion we have an enjoyable experience.

The number of changes Mr Ó hÓbáin has made to the school are amazing. We can’t help being jealous of all the changes to come. Not many schools have a computer room where the pupils have a computer all to themselves for the whole lesson. Mr O’Byrne has taught us many things that I’m sure we wouldn’t know before. In fact we wouldn’t even be writing this article if he hadn’t taught us how to type. Not only has he taught us all we need to know but has filled the room with laughter doing so.

We will be moving on to secondary soon and we will be taking many happy memories with us.    So Thanks again.




Check out the last photos of the school taken by Paulius and Kamil. Thanks boys!!!

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