First Class Sports Day Reports

Sports Day by Eve F

Last Friday we had sports day. We did lots of sport. First we did the sprint race. Katie came first, Emma came second and Tara came third. next we did the parachute. We tried to put four balls into the hole. We saw our mums and dads. After, we had a party. I loved sports day.

Sports Day by Ryan McK

Last Friday it was sports day. We did the parachute, running, space hoppers, duck-duck-goose, sack races, horse-and-jockey, egg-and-spoon, skipping race, sticky hands, hoop obstacle course, tennis and bean bags. We all had great fun. All our parents came to see.

Sports Day by Mia

We all liked the races. I came first in the first race. We did ship, sea-shore and it was so fun. We did the egg-and-spoon race.

Sports Day by Kodi

We did the egg-and-spoon. We did the sack race. We did the parachute. We did the bounce-hoppers. We did some races. We did the football.

Sports Day by Katie K

On Friday it was sports day and we did lots of running and fun things. At the race, I came first and I am going to get a gold medal. When we did the bean-bag race it was good fun and the bean-bags were a lot of colours. We did the space-hopper race and I came last.

At the parachute, it was great fun. We did lots of fun things with the parachute. We did apple-pear-banana and it was great fun doing sports day.

When we went in we had a party. It was great fun and we had great fun doing sports day.