Recent Events-February

Pancake (Shrove) Tuesday

Senior Infants had pancakes in the traditional way, before Lent. The pupils topped them with chocolate spread and they look like they had a GREAT time!

Pics by Ms Ivie.

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See the wonderful art work…

2014-11-11 001

Zoe and Kyle display their colourful works of art.

Zoe’s picture is very colourful.

Kyle’s picture even has real lights!


Spring Has Sprung!

In early February, Saint Brigid’s Crosses were made by Ms Biggs’ and Ms OShaughnessy’s 3rd and 6th classes.

Great to see the tradition of making crosses from rushes continuing in this fast-moving age!

Even better to see pupils teaching other pupils this skill.Well done girls, boys and teachers!

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See for yourself…


Both Sixth Classes regularly bake and cook for themselves and the teachers. This week it was Ms O’Shaughnessy’s class who did the honours, making delicious jam tarts from scratch! It all went really well and the teachers can testify that the treats produced were excellent. Thank you boys and girls.

Maybe you can answer this culinary question…How do they get the figs into the Figs Rolls? Answers on a postcard…

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Here’s the proof! There was more but we ate it! Sorry…


Movie Night


The Principal, Mr Ó hÓbáin and the Staff of Saint Mary’s, congratulate the Saint Mary’s Parents’ Association on another  “Movies @ Mary’s” held recently in the school hall.

Thank you, to all our volunteers.

You did an outstanding job!

” A big thank you to all the parents who helped at our movie night.  About 360 children came along on the night and your help and support was really appreciated! Thank you!

    Ciara Brennan, Chairperson, PA

It was GREAT!

(When’s the next one?)


Children'sBookWeek2015Thanks to everyone who was able to come and see the books in the Book Fair organised by Deputy-Principal, Mr Jimmy Walsh. If you bought a book, we hope you enjoy it! Well done everyone!

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