Girls’ Football 2012

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Football in Saint Marys!!

The girl’s football team trained for months and months. We started out training in September and we got into the Meath League but unfortunately we lost and didn’t get into a semi final.  We worked very hard during the year training after school every Monday. We trained so hard that in our second league the Fingal League we won every match except one against Rolestown. So that brought us into the semi final. The day of the semi final we played Saint Pats Donabate, it was a very hard match.  The match went into extra time and at the last minute we scored a point! Everyone was so happy, and then everyone was waiting for the final whistle to blow. When the referee blew the final whistle everyone started to jump around, the whole team was delighted people even started to cry!

On the 22nd of May 2012 it was out final we were all really nervous. All of the team hopped onto the football bus and drove to Parnell Park. When we got there we watched a few matches and ate some lunch. Eventually we got ready for the final. We got our jerseys and boots on and sat in the dressing room  and waited for the other match to end. After it ended we ran onto the pitch and began to warm-up.  The stadium was filled with all of our school and when the referee was ready we began. When we started the match we had a very bad start but after a while we got into it and scored a few points eventually but unfortunately we lost. We were all really sad. We lined up for our medals and after that we went into the dressing room and hopped back on the bus. We were still very sad but we still had a good day!

By Genya, Hannah, Shauna and Emily