Web-site history

Saint Mary’s National School has a long tradition of keeping the school community informed about school activities and upcoming events.

We’ve had a school magazine since 1988! It’s name was “SMASH!” and it became a really vital organ for communication in the Saint Mary’s School Community.

As time went on, we moved to the web and the Saint Mary’s web-site was born in 2011. Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength, growing the site and expanding our reach to ensure that EVERYONE is included in our news and our records of events.

Our web-site has gone through many changes since we set it up. We’ve used the web address marysashbourne.scoilnet.ie since we began.

As part of our five-year plan to develop ICT in the school and as part of our commitment to excellence, we’re in the process of changing our web-site name to smash.ie , acknowledging our roots in the school magazine.

We’ll keep you posted…

Please have a look at how our hard-copy magazine used to look in 2011…

The Last Smash Magazine

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