Green Day 2014

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GREEN DAY 2014… The Best Green Day EVER!


As part of our campaign towards the awarding of a Biodiversity Green Flag in 2015, we held a

Green Day’, on Friday, 30th May.

We’d like to thank our visitors, Jessica from Tayto Park and ecologist, Dale Treadwell who both gave fascinating and entertaining talks to all classes. Jessica brought a selection of native and exotic animals and reptiles, so there was plenty to see and do all day!!!

Jessica from Tayto Park

Jessica from Tayto Park brought a very interesting and exotic selection of creatures to the school.

Every child in the school went home with a lovely potted plant which they themselves had planted up.

Dale Treadwell is an internationally recognised expert on biodiversity and the natural world. We're delighted to welcome Dale to Saint Mary's.

Dale Treadwell is an internationally recognised expert on biodiversity and the natural world. We were happy to welcome Dale to Saint Mary’s.

Let's Get Creative

There was a fancy dress competition for each class on the day. The quality of the entries was OUTSTANDING. It was really great to see the original outfits which appeared in school!

We awarded prizes for the most original outfits and for those who made the biggest effort with their costumes but EVERYONE did great and we’d like to thank them for all their hard work!

Ideas for dressing up included: 

Costumes made from recycled materials.

Costumes which reflected the themes of ‘Reduce/Re-use/Recycle,’ saving energy/water, walking or cycling.

Dressing as insects, bugs, birds or native Irish trees/animals. 

A HUGE thank you to the four super-hard-working teachers, Mr Ó Brádaigh, Ms Ní Mhurchadha, Ms McDaid and Ms Carroll and the entire GREEN TEAM for organising and running such an amazing day!

Many thanks to Ms Moylan who took these great pictures which give an idea of the colour and fun of the day…

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And here are even more great pictures taken by Mr Gallagher..!

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