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In 2014 we started a new Green Flag programme called BIODIVERSITY!  After all our hard work, we were delighted to be awarded our 6th Green Flag in summer 2015. We plan to raise this latest flag at a special ceremony at the front of St. Mary’s!  Have a browse through this section of our school website to find out all the latest news about what green things are happening……


Green Day 2014

The big day was Friday 30th May! There were a few visitors to the school on this day to help make it more fun for all! Tayto Park came to talk to some classes and teach them a little about biodiversity. They even had a visiting animal or two for the children to meet!

Tayto Park


As part of our campaign for the awarding of a ‘biodiversity’ Green Flag in 2015, we held a ‘Green Day’ on Friday 30th May last year. We  had a number of visitors to the school on the day to make presentations, including Tayto Park and well-known ecologist, Dale Treadwell.  Mr. Brendan Price from The Seal Sanctuary also visited some senior classes in the lead-up to Green Day.

 Time To Get Creative!

On Friday 30th, there was a fancy dress competition for each class. We had prizes for the most original outfits and for those who made the biggest effort with their costumes. Ideas for dressing up included:

Costume made from recycled materials.

Costume to reflect themes of ‘Reduce/Re-use/Recycle,’ saving energy/water, walking or cycling.

Dressing as insects, bugs, birds or native Irish trees/animals. 

Each child sowed a plant on the day and took it home to look after! Classes took part in other outdoor activities too, including mini-beast hunts and searching for different colours in the school environment. 

We are thrilled that our Green Day was so informative and fun for all.

Well-known Australian ecologist, Dale Treadwell was here on the day to speak to some classes and bring them outdoors to examine our biodiversity!

Dale Treadwell


Sonairte Trip

The Green Team and Mr. Ó Brádaigh travelled to Sonairte, the National Ecology Centre, in Laytown. They learned all about plants, trees and insects and brought home many ideas and plans for St. Mary’s for the coming months and years! Here are a few photos taken on the day……..

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Mr Giblin’s Mini-Beast Hunt

Here are some photos of Mr. Giblin’s 5th Class on the hunt for creepy crawlies in the school grounds! They enjoyed themselves! Let’s hope the creepy crawlies enjoyed meeting them too!

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Insect Hotel

Here you can see our St. Mary’s Insect Hotel, which we’ve constructed as part of our campaign for the awarding of a Green Flag for biodiversity. An insect hotel is a place of shelter and nesting for insects. Tidy gardens, lawns and a lack of dead wood mean less and less habitat for many insects.

Hopefully, some mini beasts, such as the ladybird and butterfly, will hibernate here. Solitary bees and solitary wasps may lay their eggs here in the holes drilled in timber. They will then seal up the hole with mud!

Hotels also attract predatory insects such as earwigs which help control unwanted bugs.

Earwigs are good to have near fruit trees as they will eat the plant lice that may harm the growth of fruit.

They love terracotta flower pots filled with straw! Ladybirds love to hibernate in large groups in piles of dry twigs and leaves. Beetles, centipedes & woodlice love the rotting wood section here. Nearby flower beds give insects their nourishment.

We hope the insects are happy here in their new home!

 Filling the insect hotel! (2)

Filling the insect hotel! (3)

Filling the insect hotel! (1)



St. Mary's Insect Hotel

Green Team Selfie!

Sonairte Selfie!


St. Mary’s Pheasant!

Look at who visited the wild-flower garden! It’s our school pheasant, who seems to like the biodiversity in the school, as he spends most of his hours near the junior yard watching what’s going on! He has no name….YET! Have you any ideas for a name for him? 

School Pheasant! (2)


National Tree Week 2014


Congratulations to the winners of the recent Green Schools Committee art competition, held to mark Tree Week 2014. The standard of the work was extremely high and we were amazed with the huge volume of entries!

 Green Schools Tree Week Art Competition Winners at Assembly with Mr Ó hÓbain and Mr Ó Brádaigh. Well done!

Here are the prize winners with Principal Mr Ó hÓbáin and organiser, Mr Ó Brádaigh!

Check out the amazing pictures…

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