Senior Infant’s Blog 2014 – 2015

Crazy Hat Walk 2015

We had lots of fun on our crazy hat walk. We walked around and outside our school, and we went in to all the classes to show off our crazy creations!


Thanks to all the mammys, daddys, sisters and brothers for helping us to make such wonderful hats!

Click here to look at more photos of our fun day!

We are learning to count to 10!

We have been working hard in Ms. Ivie’s class. We have been practicing our sums and learning all the different ways we can make 10.


We had lots of fun painting this rainbow together! It helps us to remember all our number bonds.

Pancake Tuesday in Ms. Ivie’s Class!

We had lots of fun making pancakes in Ms Ivie’s class!


Our favourite was Nutella!

Click here to see more photos of us making and enjoying our pancakes.

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