Junior Infant’s Blog 2014-2015

Junior Infants Blog Page 2014-2015

Starting School, September 2014

Starting school can be hard but we had fun making new friends and getting to explore our new classrooms.

 2013-02-01 001We enjoyed working with all the new activities and meeting our new teachers.

2013-02-01 015

We love our new school.

Ms. O’Connor’s Class      http://photopeach.com/album/ngasm6

Ms. Carroll’s Class          http://photopeach.com/album/15qn0c1

G.A.A. Skills, November 2014

Two coaches from the Donaghmore/Ashbourne came into teach us G.A.A. skills every Tuesday.

Junior Infants 2014-2015 009

We played with Gaelic balls and were even given a hurley stick to play with.

2014-12-09 09.40.34




December 2015, Christmas Time

We love Christmas Time in Junior Infants. We were practising our singing for the Carol Service. We got to put Baby Jesus into the crib.2014-11-11 002

Happy Christmas Everyone!

2014-11-11 010

Ms. Carroll’s Class

2014-11-11 004

Ms. Milligan’s Class

2014-11-11 007

Ms. O’Connor’s Class

January 2015, Construction Time

We got a delivery of some new materials for our class. It was so exciting. We had lots of fun making house and even a village that our friends can come to visit.



Maths Time

Ready, Go, Set, Maths Time for all! We love doing our maths groups with Mr. Walsh, Ms. Kavanagh and Mr. Gilblin.


We played maths games and learned lots about patterns, sorting and numbers. Numbers are fun.


March 2015, Biodiversity Day


We have a very exciting day with Dale Threadmill. He learned all about the hedgehog and his friends. We got to look at lots of different bugs.


April 2015, Crazy Hat Walk

All the Junior and Senior Infants set off on for a walk outside the school last Friday. But this was no ordinary, it was a CRAZY HAT walk.  2015-05-01 11.35.03Wearing lots of silly and colourful hats we left the school and walk all around Brookville before returning.   2015-05-01 11.37.44   2015-05-01 11.39.18We hope we didn’t give anyone a fright wearing our crazy hats.

2015-05-01 11.56.59Junior Infants

2015-05-01 11.58.52

Ms. Carroll’s Class

2015-05-01 11.58.29Ms. O’Connor’s Class

2015-05-01 11.57.59

Ms. Milligan’s Class

http://photopeach.com/album/g1s3ns Ms. O’Connor’s Class

http://photopeach.com/album/x7ksuv Ms. Carroll’s Class

May 2015

History Experience

We had a special visitor to our class on Tuesday. Her name was Annie. She told us all about her time in school.


We asked lots of questions and found out that school in Annie’s time was very different. She had to share her colouring pencils with her whole class and she had no exciting songs to help her to learn her sounds. image-36ed976ada348962729a6289de3611d8bc58df2ab1e231fe569bc93176001cfc-V

We sang songs for Annie.


Annie made us all some lovely rice crispy buns as a treat.


Click on the link below for more photos.


Red Mountain Farm

On Wednesday we went on our school tour to Red Mountain Farm. It was so much fun. We left the school on a big bus and it drove us all the way to Farm.

When we got there we had a quick snack before heading off to explore the farm.   P10003522015-05-27 10.35.08

 Then we all went off in different groups to explore the whole farm. It was so much fun. We got to drive tractors and go for a trip around the paddock.

                                          P1000373 2015-05-27 11.03.46

There was lots of places for us to play.

image10 P1000377 image2And places for us to explore.

2015-05-27 11.21.32                     P1000386

But our favourite part of all was getting to see and pet the animals.

2015-05-27 11.13.14 P1000433

The bunny rabbit was our favourite.

P1000448 P1000449

What a great day we had at Red Mountain Farm.

Literacy Stations

We are working hard on our Jolly Phonics. We are using the tablets to play games with the words and to read stories.

  2015-06-08 11.50.20

We are taking pictures of people and things in our classroom so that we can write sentences about them.

2015-06-08 11.50.08

We love doing our sounds on the interactive whiteboard.

2015-06-08 11.51.50


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